POWDERKEG5 Explosive Price Action Move Stock Trading System for Continuous Powerful Stock Swing Trading Opportunities

POWDERKEG5 Stock Trading System Can Also Be Used as Strategy

If You’re Looking For A High Probability High Velocity Way Of Trading Stocks That Could Put You in Position Of Accumulating A Lot Of Profit Point In A Consistent Way That You Can Do Over Time Then Get POWDERKEG5 Stock Trading System.

Repeatable consistency of positive returns of your trading account is what sets the stage for consistent compounding over time. Inconsistent compounding over time can bring about incredible returns.

You see we’re not investing as most people do were they by and hope for the best.  With POWDERKEG5 stock trading system we are purposely getting into certain types of price action trading setups that tend to have high velocity and follow through which means that these -trading setups can lead us into profits and even larger profits.

And when you put all of theses POWDERKEG5 trades all together by trading the trading system consistently and you net out a lot of profit points then those profit points are stock point gains.  And a stock point gain is the same if your stock goes from 100 to 101 which means you would gain 1 point.

So let’s say you’re using POWDERKEG5 Explosive Price Action Move Stock Trading System you’re able to get 100 profit points a year in your stock by trading the system. And let’s say your stock price was at 100 when you started. So that would be like getting them 100% gain in buy-and-hold whereas your stock price doubles going from 100 to 200.  But with POWDERKEG5  -your stock can even stay the same price or even down to 50 and you can still make 100 points of profit!  That’s the difference between a system and buy and hold investing.

Are You Looking For Better Returns Than Buy-and-hold Stock Investing?

If that’s the case get POWDERKEG5 Stock Trading System and put it to use for potentially even greater returns and greater returns but also have the potential for being repeated year after year so you can call how with much more consistency versus buy and hold stock investing.

Performance Sample

here’s a performance sample based on the system’s rules. This means that the entries and exits are based on the entry and exit order of the system which represents the most accurate picture of what you are buying when you buy the system. Now from there you would have to just simply execute the system correctly.

We designed the system to put you in a high probability position of success. We are not allowed to guarantee future returns but we designed this is done for the future probability of consistency.





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