The Stock Trading Authority – Our Mission for You

Our Mission:

Our goal is to help 1,000,000 people to:

  1. Stop losing their shirts in the stock market
  2. Start actually making money in the stock market
  3. Conquer trading psychology to become a consistent net winner in trading and investing

Our Further Goal is to help 1,000 People develop a Net worth of over $1,000,000 directly from the stock market without having to depend on luck or large starting capital

Our other goal is to help 2,000 people trade stocks for a Good Living through cash flowing the stock market through intra day trading and swing trading.

You Can Actually Have Success in Stock Market Trading.

There are ways of trading, specific, fundamental ways of trading in stocks that work.  If you’re willing to learn we’ll show you how.

We can teach you how through our education and course materials in addition to our stock trading signals, “stock picks” services, that will show you good trading in real time.

You’ll be SHOCKED at What You Can Accomplish with Our Materials.

The Stock Trading Authority Provides Stock Trading Education, “Stock Picks” – (Stock Trading Signal Services) and Stock Trading Systems from our “Stock Trading for a Good Living Series” to Help Your Directly, Quickly Become a Good Stock Investor and a Great Stock Trader!

We’ll Show you and Tell you How, When and Where to Get Into a Stock and Out of a Stock so You Can Actually Make, then Keep, Then Grow Your Money to Potential Amounts You’ve Probably Though Never Truly Possible…  But You’ll Be Doing it By the Time We’re Done with You!

We support most all styles of Stock Trading Including:

Day Trading / Intraday Trading, Swing Trading, Trend Trading, Pivot Trading, Range Trading, Power Trend Trading, Big, Long Term Trend Trading (aka real investing)

The Philosophy at The Stock Trading Authority and How it Benefits You

We look at the bottom line – what the size of your trading account?

We take the direct practical approach to the stock market

We understand the psychology of trading.  There are two classes of traders or ‘investors’:

  1. Gamers.  Those who are really in the markets because 1. It’s the thing to do. 2. It’s exciting 3. They are in it for the win, chasing the emotional token euphoria that comes from ‘winning or ‘being right or ‘beat the system (sound familiar?) you know, the same pursuit of compulsive casino style gamblers.
  2. Those who trade and invest as a business, setting up their own trading company.  They figure out or purchase a business plan, an operations manual – a systematic way of doing things that has been well worked out to a point that netting a profit has become an almost certainty.  Then they get organized to the point where they simply execute the plan, the operations manual, the system to an excellent level.  From there, profits can net out over time by simply doing the system deals where revenue can be greater than costs to a point that yields good, solid, consistent, achievable profit
  3. Those who go to the opposite extreme of trying to systematize their trading but have cycled all the way back to group 1. where their pursuit of trading systems and systems development has become an obsession over winning.  The problem with folks in this group, is that they are back in group 1!  They lost site of what trading as a business is all about – the NETTING of Profits.  Did you know that one of the greatest trading systems of all time only won 40% of the time but it NETTED out Fortunes!

The professional method of trading where you can make, keep and grow your money comes from the:  “Trading As a Business” model.  This model will seem terribly boring to those in group 1.

People who are in group 2. have come to a point where they have drawn a line in the sand of their mind where they are tired of losing and fooling around.  They become tired of the endless goose chase that people go through in group 1.  They need and want to now make money.  So they take it up a notch, apply some effort and get organized.

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