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Why Are These Stock Trading Signals Called STELLAR9?

The method of trading is just so mind bogglingly good that the name stellar is appropriate. And nine is a number that relates to the system.
We run these trading signals on stocks looking to take advantage of these excellent trading setups that usually have a high degree of momentum and travel a good deal of mileage, sometimes for homerun trades.
So, in this signal service, we’re going to focus upon looking at a bunch of different stocks, looking at the sweet spot opportunities to pick the best trades.
Now on the other hand, STELAR9 is a great, great trading system. We want to run STELAR9 on other stocks one at a time as a system. So what we figured to do was to have the main signal service run as a strategy because most people trade stocks in a strategic way. They want to pick and choose the best opportunities and they want to find the hottest opportunities or at least try to do so and focus in on one trade at a time…
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