Winning in Stock Trading – Why You Lose and How to Fix That, Exactly


There are cycles to the markets.  Professional traders, the very profitable ones, have learned to get in sync with these cycles.  Amateur traders, investors are usually always out of sync with these cycles.

Have you ever said anything like: “Whenever I buy it always goes down.”  or  “I think I’m cursed in stock picking”  or “how is it possible that every time I buy the stock goes the other way?!”  or “why do I always seem to buy at tops and sell at bottoms??”

Don’t worry my friend, you are not alone… Most retail traders, amateur traders do this.  Most amateurs lose in stock trading and there is an exact reason for this that the pros don’t want you to know.

“Wait, is there some sort of conspiracy going on here in stock trading?” you may be thinking.  My answer is yes and no.   Yes there is a conspiracy here.  And that conspiracy is not in the exchanges.  It’s not necessarily in computer algorithmic trading.  It’s not some big bank.  It’s not the Fed.  It’s not the SEC.  And it’s not the media, well, most of the time they do not help your cause as a systematic trader but that’s another story…  The conspiracy is within you – it’s your humanity.

What?!  “So what am I supposed to do now?”, you may ask.  Well we have an answer to that in our product Winning in Stock Trading – Why You Lose and How to Fix That Exactly

The solution is simple, seemingly magical just about.  When you discover the trick I have learned over the past 30 years of investing and trading you will be able to reprogram your mind to follow the cycle of the markets with precision and accuracy.  You will be able to excellently deal with the “weak part” of your humanity, the part of you that is 99.8% WRONG in its stock trading decision making which gets you into trouble in trading. And you will be able to turn these highly inaccurate weakness, the weakness that is getting into trouble picking stocks in to a POWER, a Super Power of sorts for stock trading with precision and accuracy.





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