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Stock Trading Systems Soon to Be Released

As of this typing the following stock trading systems are in the works, soon to be released.

Remember our philosopy for stock investing:

  1. We don’t invest in stocks
  2. We don’t invest in companies
  3. We could care less weather a stock is under or over valued
  4. We care very little about earnings figures, although we do care somewhat about earnings release dates, sometimes
  5. We DO invest in price action according to a particular system’s signals.
  6. We trade our systems looking to produce  significantly greater and more consistent short, medium and longer term gains with much lower drawdowns
  7. In other words we invest in our system’s business plan


  1. STACKERS Prime  Stock Trading System
  2. STACKERS Cash Flow Stock Trading System
  3. Vortex Stock Trading System
  4. JackPOT System D Stock Trading System
  5. JackPOT System C Monthly Trend Cycler Stock Trading System
  6. FLUX Stock Trading System
  7. Komaci Stock Trading System
  8. SlingShot 2.0 Stock Trading System
  9. Stock Time Trading Machine Stock Trading System
  10. Stock Time Trading Machine Stock Trading System Home Run Speculator

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