Stock Trading History and Our Stock Trading and Stock Investing Revolution

The stock market is a wonderful creation that carries many opportunities for most all involved.

Stock market and other price markets are an ingenious creation that allows participants to:

1. Own part of a company by purchasing shares in a publicly traded company

2. Hedge against price moves

3. Profit directly off of price moves

4. Profit off derivatives of company’s stock or commodity including a country’s stock called a currency.

Our objectives here at The Stock Trading Authority are the above listed objectives #3 and #4 which allows us to turn trading the markets into more of a business with much direct control verses and investment which has little direct control.

Our top influences:  Richard Dennis, Turtle Traders, Russell Sands, Companies various companies listed on the Stock exchange, Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, Nicolas Daravs, Dan Zanger…

Our Principles

1. Turn trading into a business. Form trading companies.  Eliminate all forms of the ‘gaming’ and ‘compulsive gamblers mentality.  Force it into a business of of organized operation and habits for the principle purpose of netting a profit through various numbers of transactions where our revenues are greater than our costs, thereby acknowlegeing that we will have costs and revenues.

2. Trade by price, price charts so we can operate as a business with exact rules of entry, stop loss and profit taking maximization.

3. Use an ‘operations manual’ a process, a set of very specific rules so well defined that we can hire others to trade our systems for us.

4. Understand market psychology and emotional reaction through reaction to price charts and some news, event related information

5. Understand our own psychology and emotional reaction.  Understand how to separate intellect from heart (emotions = 99% incorrect) from soul (gut = 99% correct)

6. Understand mainstream, popular thinking in the stock market and use price charts to take advantage of irrational momentum for large and repeating profits.

Some Influences to Our Core Philosophy

Richard Dennis

The Turtle Traders

Russell Sands

Jessie Livermore Jessie Livermore’s Book

Nicolas Darvas

Warren Buffet

Benjamin Graham

Peter Lynch

Dan Zanger

Jeff Cooper

Market Wizards

Goldman Sachs

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