STELLAR9 Trading Signals HT15 to PP

STELLAR9 Stock Trading Signals – High Probability Strong Momentum Price Action Stock Trading Signals

  • These are Stock Trading Signals. Email alerts sent with entry and exit info.
  • Signals posted in one centralized location in your members back office for organized access.
  • STELLAR9 is VERY easy to trade.
  • Entry: Order Placement is done the night before or the morning before.
  • Entry: We use buy stops, sell short stops, initial stop losses and trail stop losses (moving the initial stop loss). You can use contingent orders to have triggered by your brokers computers instead of placing entry and exit orders directly into the exchanges.
  • Optimized Exits: Many times we will provide optimized exit targets for the purpose of looking to squeeze out more profit out of a trade.
  • Time Involved: A few minutes a night. Sometimes no action is required. Other times it takes a couple minutes or so to place the entry order or adjust the initial stop loss to lock in profits.
  • Signals Will Be on What? With this stock signals service, with these stock alerts, with these stock picks we provide entry and exit (stop loss and profit taking exit). In this stock signal service we look to provide sweet spot strategic opportunities on a variety of stocks that we watch and then hot stocks too.
  • We look to provide a good array of low priced stocks to higher priced stocks.
  • This service therefore will be strategy base. We will use the STELLAR9 Stock Trading System in an Optimized way to pick and choose what we feel to be the higher probability, more powerful trades.
  • That said, STELLAR9 is an extremely powerful stock trading system on it’s own to be run on one stock at a time, continuously as you can see from some of the performance results that we’ve included on this page indicating “run as a system”. So in order to run on one stock at a time as a system we would have to open up separate signal services with limited number of members since we are trading the stock it’s self and not derivatives of the stock which means that too many people on one stock could cause imbalances. That said, this service is for retail traders only. No professional trading allowed, although professional traders can contact us to arrange special offers.

Watch Video Below for Explanation of STELLAR9 Stock Trading Signals

Here are some performance samples of using STELLAR9 Run As a System, for perspective: 

Performance Examples of DE – John Deer Stock June 2021 to Feb 1 2022

DE –  Here are the trades in a row:  Figures are rounded.  Run as a system, all trades in a row. 

=+321  Stock Profit Points That’s mind blowing for a “boring old stock like DE!”  Or $321,000 per 1000 Shares

Performance of LOW – Lowe’s Stock 

11.45 -3.64 + 7.94 + 5.36 + 9.32 + 10.67 + 14.21 + 13.86 + 16.72 -3.46 + 17.34 + 8.53 +15.36 + 11.08 + 7.92 + 3.86 + 10.34 + 4.67 + 5.49 -3.42 -3.48 +2.39 + 3.44 + 1.32 + 4.67 + 4.82 + 23.45 +12.36 +13.84 -4.32  + 9.34 + 25.08

= Totals +256.51  Stock Profit Points: Excellent! that is January 2021 to the third week of January 2022 Or $266,510 per 1000 Shares

Employ STELLAR9 Stock Trading Signals for an Incredibly Powerful Way to Trade Stocks Over and Over for Cash Flow and Profit Accumulation

See the Performance Results Below Systems Results Below of the Stock Trading Signals. This Is a Stock Trading Signal You Will Certainly Want to Employ as Another Cash Flow Generation Station.

STELLAR9 Stock Trading Signals Uses the STELLAR9 Stock Trading System Engine for Trading Signals Selection. And in This Signal Service We’re Going to Use STELLAR9 as a Strategy,  Looking for Optimized Events on Various Stocks.

There are 2 types of stock signals subscribers:  One type wants great, high probability trading signals so they can pick and choose the best trades based on their own analysis and the other type is one who wants to just run all the signals systemically. So what we’re going to do with this signal service present the various optimize trades because people like trading different stocks particularly different stocks with different price points. Some people like trading lower priced stocks while other people are willing to trade less shares and trade the high momentum stocks.

We’re going to have other spin-off signal services based STELLAR9 that will be run systematically, that is, taking every STELLAR9 trade in a row on one stock as something separate. Now this is fantastic and very powerful in its own regards. But since we are trading the underlying asset, the stock, we can’t have too many people in each one of these services. So we’re going to go stock by stock. And as long as the membership button is available you can join but when we reach the saturation point we will have to shut off that signal service on that particular stock just because I don’t want it to get too heavy on one side of the market. If there are too many people jumping into a buy-side trade then the stock can start moving ahead due to the signal thereby creating slippage from our entry point trigger.  On that note, are are only allowing retail traders on these signal services.  Any professional, institutional trading firms must contact for any special arrangements and special memberships.  

We look to exploit irresistible price tendencies in the marketplace to buy and sell at certain turning points in price based on the STELLAR9 stock trading system. The markets just can’t help themselves. They keep doing the same things over and over and we can just simply step in front of what the markets do and profit.  It’s incredible what STELLAR9 has been able to do.    

Here’s a good plan of action if you don’t know what to do but  you sense that STELLAR9 stock trading signal service is a life changing potential mega opportunity that would be really great if it would work for you:

  • Sign up and just start watching.
  • Follow the trades. 
  • Get a demo account and put in the trades. Once you get a feel that this is a really smart way to trade and once you see the signals start working before your eyes, then you’ll have the confidence to trade the signals yourself.  
  • So go through the steps.  You’ll learn a lot by doing so.  You’ll increase your belief in the method and find out if STELLAR9 is as stellar as you hope it to be.  Once you do, you’ve struck gold!

How Do You Make Money with this Signal Service?

You can take all the trades dividing up positions. just a note: we don’t use margin since that opens the door for troubles and we like to just simply eliminate trouble factors ahead of time. or you can pick and choose which one the best to you. Each trade is a very high probability setup.

You can use these signals to trade options!

With these signals best types of options if you’re going to buy options, would be either shorter-term in-the-money options with at least two weeks to expiration . These moves usually last maximum 5 sometimes 7 or 10 days, most of the time. Otherwise you can go out further in time and by the at the money or whatever Delta Suits You for slower premium decay although your Deltas are lower and the price of the option will be higher.

Sign up below and add to your riches! each trading signals like a discovered gem. Start collecting these gems into your trading account. Click the add to cart button to get started.

Here are STELLAR9 track records examples below for this signal service as STELLAR9 is run as a strategy where we are trying to pick and choose the best looking trades over a variety of stocks and any new hot stocks that come to market. 

= GS (Goldman Sachs) STELLAR9 Performance Samples

July 2021 + 19.54 + 17.37=+36.91

August+ 33.28 + 29.23 =+62.51

October +22.65

December + 16.64 + 19.02=+35.66

January 2022 + 39.61 + 19.28 =+58.99

Totals: + 216.72  Stock Profit Points Or $216,720 per 1000 Shares

= NVDA STELLAR9 Performance Samples

August 2021 +18.67

September 2021 +16.39

October 2021 +80.39

December 2021 +12.58 +30.48= +73.06

January 2022 +24 +44.57 +25.13 =+93.7

Totals: +282.21 Stock Profit Points Or $282,210 per 1000 Shares

= PINS for Pinterest STELLAR9 Performance Samples

Feb 2021 +16.33

March 2021 +12.34 +14.77

April 2021 +16.11

May 2021 +11.21

June 2021 +4.98

July 2021 +7.92 +19.53

October 2021 +9.77

November 2021 + 8.19

January 2022 +7.04 

Totals:  = + 128.19 Stock Profit Points Or $129,190 if traded 1000 Shares Each Trade

STELLAR9 ROKU Example - Stock Trading Signals

(Tradingview charts)

Can You Use Options with STELLAR9 Stock Signal Service?

We take long and short positions. By any chance there is no inventory to short a particular stock then what do you do? You can  simply buy put options!

You can buy deep in-the-money options to mimic the stock so that there is  almost no premium on that option. Even though you are going deep in the money on those option you’ll still be putting up a lot less money versus buying the full amount of the stock. Some people may find this to be the preferred way to trade.

In order to find options prices, you can log into your broker, assuming that you applied for an options account and get the most accurate quotes. The most accurate quotes will show during the market hours. Sometimes quotes are posted a little strangely after hours.   Here’s a site that has pretty good options chains now you can use.

When buying options in the money, one thing you have to keep in mind is that, by expiration, you have to close out your position or else, if in the money, your position will get automatically exercised upon at expiration and your broker will force you to buy equivalent amount of stock.  So you’ll have to have that amount on hand buy the stock.  So you don’t want to go overboard or buy too many extra options.  And you need to make sure you’re going to get out by expiration if your position in the money.  Usually  your broker will email you a few times about it, warning you, but that depends on your broker.

Or you can simply pay attention and don’t let it expire in the money which you’re supposed to do anyways and it only takes a few minutes a night. But if you are close to going in the money by expiration from being out of the money then you have to pay attention since your options can slip into the money and then you’re exercised at expiration.  If you buy the amount of options to replace the exact number of shares you would have used in the first place, then it’s not a problem because you would have the funds getting assigned the stock. 

Also you can use a contingent order based on time to simply exit your position, no matter what, before the market closes on the day of expiration.  So that makes things easy and it puts the responsibility on your broker’s computers to get you out. 

Understand that if you are trading options, and if you have premium on that option, that premium will decay over time. The shorter the time to expiration of the option, the faster the premium will decay. So if you want to go deeper in the money, but want extra time, you’ll have some extra premium on that ITM position.  But if go out in time a bit more, you’ll get less of a premium decay effect so it won’t cost you very much in premium decay, although the deltas are lower, compared to buying deep in the money options, say, 2 weeks out to expiration. 

Usually, these STELLAR9 trades last 5 to 7 days maximum on average.  But sometimes they will go on a little further to maybe 10 trading days which also means that we would be making more money, most of the time as the trade continues on.

STELLAR9 is also an excellent approach for selling naked options and for using credit spreads in options. Just make sure, again, that you have the money cover up your position if exercised upon you.   This simply means that you need to have the money there that you would have used in a stock trade to buy the full value of the stock, equivalent to the amount of options contracts you opened.

When you sell an option short you have the obligation to deliver the shares if the option is exercised upon you. An option usually only gets exercised when it is deeper in the money against you with little to no premium left.

All in all, just as long as you have the funds to cover getting assigned the stock per the amount of options position you open then no problem!  You’re good to go!


Example of How a $10,000 Trading Account Goes Up 700% in a Year by Having Systematically Traded All the STELLAR9 Trade Track Record Examples.

  • Example with the stock “PINS” for Pinterest.
  • The example is based on the signals output based on using STELLAR9 as a strategy, looking for what we anticipated to be the best opportunities.  
  • That said, if we would have traded STELLAR9 on PINS as a system, there would be MORE profits.
  • Here is an exact walk through below of how a person could use STELLAR9 stock trading signals, or any trading signals or trading system for that matter for compounded returns.  
  • Study this example because it’s very educational for the step by step process of compounding a trading account.
  • With stock, since it’s not leveraged, we can use pretty much a whole trading account to trade a system.  This means also, one could just assign $10,000 of a trading account, to trade a system, or trading signals, on one stock, trading the full amount each time.
  • Then, as profits are grown, in order to compound the results, one would reinvest the profits made from previous trades with the same method, to buy more shares in that same stock. 
  • See the example below in how STELLAR9 performance results example transformed an initial $10,000 used for trading PINS into a 700% return for the year.  
  • And yes, if all you traded were these STELLAR9 PINS trades, and $10,000 was your full trading account size, then your account would have grown by 700%.  And because we don’t use margin and stock is a non leveraged instrument,  this is an approach to stock trading that is solidly done.   It’s solidly done, that is, with a good trading system and or good trading signals that are consistent on average in performance.
  • Also, if numbers of shares look different each time, it is because one has to buy the shares, or short the shares, at the given entry price, where the stock is at, on the next trade:

STELLAR9 $10,000 Plugged into Stellar9 Over Year Example

PINS: Starting Entry Price 69.53

  • Feb 2021 +16.33 > 143 Shares. Profit = $2,335.19. Balance = $12,335.19
  • March 2021 +12.34 > 154 Shares = $1,900.36 Profit: Balance: $14,235.55 / +14.77 > 203 Shares Profit = $2,998.31 > Balance: $17,233.86
  • April +9.46 > 207 Shares $1,958.22 Profits. Balance: $19,192 / +16.11 > 277 Shares $4,462.47 Profit. Balance:  $23,654.47
  • May +11.21 > 405 Shares +7.26 = $4,540.05 Profits. Balance: $28,194.52.
  • June +4.98 > 445 Shares = $2,216.10 Profit. Balance: $30,410.62
  • July +7.92 > 407 Shares = $3,230 Profit Total: $33,640.93 / +19.53 > 425 Shares $8,300.25 Profit. Balance: $41,941.18
  • October +9.77 > 698 Shares = $6,819.46 Profit. Balance: $48,760.64
  • November + 8.19 > 1,028 Shares = $8,419.32 Profit. Balance: $57,179.96
  • January 2022 +7.04 > 1,842 Shares = $12,967.68 Profit. Balance: $70,147.64
  • So by using $10,000 to invest and then by buying more shares with the profits at the price of the next trade entry this $10,000 turn into $70,147.64 in a year. That’s a 700% Return.
  • +128.19 Profit points is the sum of the profits of all of these trades. If you would have stayed with the initial $10,000 and only traded 143 shares for each trade while not investing back your profits then 132.57×143 is $18,331.17, which is great but quite a bit smaller.


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