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Running STELLAR9 Stock Trading Signals as a System on One Stock at a Time – Powerful!

Running STELLAR9 Stock Trading Signals as a System on One Stock at a Time and then Compounding the winnings Can Produce Extraordinary Returns Over Time as a System Continues to Pump Out Consistent Profits.  This is Powerful!

What we can also do is run STELLAR9 on some stocks as a system.  This means we take one stock and trade all the STELLAR9 systems trades in a row.  No picking and choosing.  This is a powerful way to trade.  I produces a consistency that we can use compounding upon for, well, stellar account growth over time.   

In the main STELLAR9 signal service we are running STELLAR9 as a strategy meaning that we look to pick and choose the juiciest trades, the low hanging fruit and the hot opportunities on other stocks that become hot. ​​

STELLAR9, when run as a system, will have limited memberships.  We will be limit the members on the stocks that we systematically  run  STELLAR9 upon as system  because we don’t want to get too heavy in the marketplace since we are trading the underlying asset, the stock, as opposed to options.  So also, no professional, big accounts are allowed on this signal service. If you have big accounts, are a professional trader, are an institutionalized trader, a hedge fund etc. Contact us for a professional service. This is for retail traders.​​

So best thing to do is just sign up and watch the trades go by for most people.  You are going to have to watch in real time in order to believe in the signals, well, most people will.  Others will sense that these signals are good intuitively and start trading them. And just imagine for the small monthly membership fee the potential profits that could be made over time especially as you get into compounding. And as a reminder, compounding is buying more shares as your account grows bigger.​​

So to keeping that perspective is smart.  Profits can become massive over time with compounding a steady performing trading system. 

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