Welcome to Stock Trading AUTHORITY Affiliate Programs.
How do you profit?
If you are new here are some ideas:
  1. Reviews reviews reviews!  Reviews done as previews really. Blog posts reviews. Video reviews.  Even Pins and Instagram posts.  If you need info on a system, any other info that is not on the sales letter then let us know.  People are looking for a spark of confidence to give them the “it’s ok” to get past their fear.  They already are interested in the product since they are reading your review.
  2. Top X or Best X posts
  3. Post everywhere in every different format.
  4. Run a content blog or video channel and promote your links.
  5. Find inexpensive ways to generate leads.
  6. Create your own funnels that can pay for your advertising and then promote our products on redirect or just your email followup sequence.  You can get parts of our sales letter to make several follow up messages – just copy and paste and tweak in your autoresponder..
  7. Set goals and deadlines.  You have an opportunity to produce a heavy 5 to 6 fiig. business a month.   And high ticket sale commissions are a lot more fun.  Do not underestimate the potential of this program.
  8. And lastly, if you need any help or if you need anything from us, just reply to this email and let us know! –  (so save this email.)
Those are some starter ideas that we have seen to be consistently successful over time. 
Here are the direct sign up links for each respectively. 
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