Announcing:  STELLAR9 Stock Swing Trading Signals – What Does It Take to Trade STELLAR9?

STELLAR9 Stock Trading Signals – High Probability Strong Momentum Price Action Stock Trading Signals

  • These are Stock Trading Signals. You can use most of these signals with options too although these signals are focused in on stock trading.  And our options trading signals version of STELLAR9 is focused in on stocks that offer better options opportunities.  That means we will play more expensive stocks with high momentum that we can ride with options, versus this stock signal trading service.  Email alerts sent and your trading signal will be posted in your members back office in one organized place that you can access at any time. 
  • Signals posted in one centralized location in your members back office for organized access.
  • STELLAR9 is VERY easy to trade.
  • Entry: Order Placement is done the night before or the morning before.
  • Entry: We use buy stops to enter, sell short stops to enter, initial stop losses and trail stop losses (moving the initial stop loss). You can use contingent orders to be triggered by your brokers computers instead of placing entry and exit orders directly into the exchanges.
  • Optimized Exits: Many times we will provide optimized exit targets with limit orders for the purpose of looking to squeeze out more profit out of a trade.
  • Time Involved: A few minutes a night only is required. Sometimes no action is required. Other times it takes a couple minutes or so to place the entry order or adjust the initial stop loss to lock in profits.  You don’t need to watch the stock throughout the day and actually it’s preferred that you don’t in order to avoid getting emotional.  We are here to make trading much more simple instead of complicated. 
  • With this stock signals service, with these stock alerts, with these stock picks we provide entry and exits on stocks that we feel are good for stock trading. We have the main membership which is for strategic stock trading where we look for optimized opportunities on stocks and where we look for hot opportunities on new stocks.  In this stock signal service we look to provide sweet spot strategic opportunities on a variety of stocks that we watch and then hot stocks too.   But we have other versions of STELLAR9 stock trading signals services that will run on one stock at a time as a system, taking all the trades in a row, like a machine, which has its advantages as well. 
  • We look to provide a good array of low priced stocks to higher priced stocks.
  • This service therefore will be strategy based. We will use the STELLAR9 Stock Trading System in an Optimized way to pick and choose what we feel to be the higher probability, more powerful trades.
  • That said, STELLAR9 is an extremely powerful stock trading system on its own to be run on one stock at a time, continuously, as you can see from some of the performance results that we’ve included on this page which are indicated as “run as a system”.

  • So in order to run on one stock at a time as a system we would have to open up separate signal services with limited number of members since we are trading the stock itself.  We are not trading derivatives of the stock, meaning options, although you could do that.  This  means that too many people trading the same trades on one stock may cause imbalances although that depends on the volume of shares using STELLAR9 and also the daily average volume in that stock, meaning that high volume traded stocks can handle greater volume of traders doing the same trades. On that note, this service is for retail traders only. No professional trading allowed, although professional traders can contact us to arrange special services.

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