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A Story Behind the Development of The Stock Trading AUTHORITY and it’s Powerful Stock Trading Systems

The Stock Trading AUTHORITY Developed Out Over Decades, Arguably, Since My Age of 6 as My Dad Got Me Involved in His Favorite Thing Ever – The Stock Market!

I’m going to show you the ways of how to start your own stock trading business and run it for a few minutes a night by using Swing Trading Systems and Trend Trading Systems. 
I’m a big fan of the book by Nicolas Darvas “How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market”  in that he learned how to separate himself from the outside and inside, away from the noise, the lure, the emotions, the disinformation put out by the marketplace, by the media and by the communication of the voice of the marketplace that “speaks” through price action moving up and down, in patterns, in phrases, in sentences, in paragraphs.. mostly talking to you, trying to tell you what to do so you “donate” your trading account, your investing account funds to the marketplace. 
Understand that you are trying to take funds from the marketplace and the marketplace is trying to take your funds.  Fair enough.
So what we want to do is let the marketplace do all of it’s blabbering when we’re not listening. Then after the marketplace is all finished with its noise, we can go back and look at what it said on a price chart.  From there, we can now gain advantage over the marketplace, getting in before market moves and getting out when those moves are over.
We can do this through stock strategy trading and stock systems trading.  And we’re very good at developing stock trading strategies and stock trading systems.  
And personally, I started in the markets at a very young age.  I was able to develop a very good investing intuition.  I did actually do a good amount of research tying that into what I saw in the media, various publications and trends in the marketplace.  I became good at “looking out into the future” in terms of intuitively getting a feel for what stocks would start taking off based on a story line, one that had an anticipation of some achievement, event or approval.  One could call that “buy on the rumor and sell on the news”. 
Due to my personality that likes more intense, dramatic things, I started honing in on strong trends, stocks that could go into a strong up trend with lots of enduring momentum.  I didn’t know much about price charts at the time.  But I developed this intuitive method in finding hot trends to ride.  
Eventually I noticed in those trends that there were multiple times where the stock slowed down or went backwards in price before continuing back on track, going higher.  So I started wondering if there was a way to measure this.  And this was in my teens into my early 20’s. And computers weren’t much of anything yet.  But one day, I discovered price charts.  Now I’ve seen charts a plenty in my research since my early teens but they were vague squiggly line charts that really didn’t have much value.   But when I started looking at bar charts and candle stick charts I was amazed at the patterns I saw.  They reminded me a lot about sheet music, as in complicated classical sheet music; and I was very well trained in classical music.  So I started to become interested in these price chart things, now that they had more clarity to them with bar charts or candle stick charts.
So make a longer story shorter: Computers started improving quite a bit; the Internet started becoming more usable and online charts services were being published along with stock chart software.  This opened up a whole new world of study.  Eventually, I played this really hot anticipated opportunity of a product launch in a stock. But this time I decided to compare my intuitive method with what was going on with the price charts.   So I CRUSHED it on this run playing several “cycles” of up moves where I would get in as a new swing, a power trend or “super swing” really which was a usually 2 swings combined with very little pause, started.  Then I would get out when it ended. I would wait for the next cycle up after the stock paused or went back a little.  When I sensed that was over I would get back in to the stock.  I would do this into a climatic peak.  I was very similar to following a section of music that would build and build and build and then hit that emotional climatic peak.  Then I would get out.  That would usually be right around the very top of that whole big move.
So I started comparing when I would get in and out to what was going on, on a price chart.  I was stunned.  There were these specific patterns and triggers on price chart that would correspond exactly to my intuitive, “musical line reading”, emotional line reading of the markets. And after that really sunk in I realized I struck not only gold but gold, silver, diamonds and platinum all at once.   I realized that I could use these patterns and triggers to develop simple mechanical triggers to play these moves over and over without all the thought, without all the inner work, without all the very involved focus that I needed in order to do my intuitive method.   And on top of that, I could take advantage of multiple times more opportunity than me just honing in on one of these drama moves that I didn’t really get into that often.  So for every one of these drama moves I could play 10 or 20, up and down in the markets (play the downside by shorting or by buying put options.    And ever since then I got into systems development and developed many other very powerful systems.
Eventually I developed so many great, solid systems I figured I’d publish some.  Out out of that inspiration the “AUTHORITY” brand and others were born – i.e. “The Stock Trading AUTHORITY”.   And here it is and here you are.  
You now have an opportunity to skip years, maybe decades of study, research, testing, and inner development to put one of my systems to work for a relatively small fee, small in comparison to the probable potential of these systems. 
Now on the note of email deliverability here’s a way to make sure you get our emails. Simply reply to this email and maybe say hi or something. Why? That’s supposed to white list our email with your email provider. And if you have some sort of way of marking our emails as whitelisted or approved then please do so. Just one of our emails may hold the secrets, the puzzle pieces for you to be able to develop your own stock trading business from which you could even retire very early with ever compounding cashflow.
The great thing about stock trading is that firstly, if you’re used to options trading you don’t need to bother with premium decay or deltas. Whatever profit points you produce you get to keep.  It’s just hard cash.
Also stocks are nice because of the way they have certain limitations on leverage which can help you better trade while learning more steadily how how to deal with emotions in the market. 
Also learning how to trade in a more solid, stable and logical way can help you be more precise and long term successful.  You can learn how to become a more stable stock trader, stock investor. You can learn stock trading in a style that is more business like and eventually start setting up your own stock trading businesses by treating a good trading system as an “operations manual” to a stock trading business, much like is done in the world of franchising.
If you’re looking to really crank up the rate of cash flow then we have some really good stock day trading systems that you can start putting to work.
All you need to do is find your one way that best suits your personality and what you want to do in order to produce more and more cash flow buy compounding your account. 
Depending on from where you’re starting, a good stock day trading business could grow into significant daily average cash flow.  Then you could put the cash flow into Swing Trading and Trend Trading and trade only a few minutes and night for  growing more cash flow with less effort and net worth.
If you’re looking for a specific type of trading system or strategy, let us know we can help you find that. We also have many many systems that aren’t even listed here that we could put together for you if needed.
Check out our stock trading solutions here:  Stock Trading AUTHORITY Website

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