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  • Learn how to trade stocks in a much better way.

  • We have many creative and unique approaches towards trading the stock market that can give you a continuous advantage.

  • We focus almost exclusively on trading price action from the price charts through different price based patterns and tendencies from these price charts.

  • There are many strong tendencies in the way the market moves in terms of price that can give you an on average consistent advantage for the sake of consistently profiting overtime in your stock trading.

  • We’ll show you how to get into trades right at the right time so you can rid moves up or down, long or short.

  • Our goal for you: help some students who really want to do very well in their stock trading learn how to grow and compound their stock trading account far above what’s considered the norm in the marketplace.

  • As you may know, we also have other AUTHORITY brand websites where we teach how to trade other instruments with various trading systems and strategies. You may also want to learn about options as well.

  • Our systems and strategies for covered calls in particular could be of much benefit to you.

  • Also our systems for trading options are usually very different than our stock trading systems because options offer us so much flexibility while giving us the opportunity to be able to put on multiple positions at once while allowing us to stack & compound to potentially extraordinary levels.

  • The inner game is important in training. We have learned and quantified much in regards to the inner game over our 30 years in the markets in addition to our unique insight through other realms of performance.

  • The business math of trading is utterly critical for any long-term success in the stock market. We like to emphasize and teach this.

  • Most people who get involved in the markets have no idea about the business math and mechanics side of stock trading hence they never do very well. They even mess up good trading systems because they don’t get their business math down pat which does involve position sizing, risk to reward ratios and personal average winning percent as well.

  • Traders Lifestyle: Ultimately one needs to develop clarity in their priorities in terms of Lifestyle. How much time do you want to put into the markets? Most people don’t want to put much time at all or at least they say they do.

  • Most people want to make a lot of money and have that money grow while being able to do other things. Others want to be actively engaged with the stock market because they enjoy doing so. We have different stock trading strategies and stock trading systems that can fit a desired way of trading that could fit the lifestyle you seek. In fact, people trade systems better if they only look at the markets a few minutes a day and not watch the ticker go up and down – kind of like what Nicolas Darvas learned and wrote about in his book How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market.

  • Goal setting: One often overlooked element of trading is goal setting. Goal setting gives us a destination in our Trading. It’s important because it’s easy to get sidetracked in the market.

  • By developing a specific goal then you can reverse-engineer what it’s going to take in order to get to that goal. Then you’ll be able to find the correct systems and strategies to bring you to your end goal destination.

  • Personality: Ultimately and ideally you need to find a stock trading system or strategy to fit your personality.

  • Question: What do you really want? What’s would be an ideal way of trading if you could be able to trade any way at all?

  • Once this is discovered then you could start pursuing this objective. And we can help you find a solution because we have developed many many trading systems and strategies overtime and likely have a solution for you.

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